Meditation for Transcendence – FREE daily guided meditations with Raphael Reiter

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Unlike transcendental meditation as it is taught by “official teachers” and cost you a leg, this free transcendental VIBRATION meditation will replace the secret TM mantra (it’s not so secret, you can find it online, as it is by year of birth) by a sound, a vibration. This will bring you beyond your current state of consciousness, into transcendence. Beyond your ego, and beyond time and space, allowing you to be fully present HERE and NOW.

Let me know if you liked this guided meditation. I used some binaural sounds / binaural beats for us to go DEEP

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Please note that I am in NO WAY affiliate with the transcendental meditation organisation, and that this is NOT TM

Meditation for Transcendence - FREE daily guided meditations with Raphael Reiter

Meditation for Transcendence – FREE daily guided meditations with Raphael Reiter

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